How to improve negotiations with your suppliers

For any business it’s critical knowing if they are getting the best prices and conditions from their Suppliers. To address this goal basically you will need to search for new suppliers, evaluate them, negotiate and trade with them in a more collaborative and effective way.

E-TenderWith our app for E-Procurement & SCM you will be able to; find, evaluate, collaborate, negotiate and trade with your suppliers in a completely new way that will finally dramatically improve all your supply costs. We will setup for you a Supplier Community Portal where you will be able to tightly collaborate with your suppliers in order to address your mutual goals. Suppliers will be able to address many of the tasks they have to do with your company through self service options. You also will be able to find and record into your systems new suppliers through new channels like B2B Marketplaces or Social Networks.

We will also provide you with powerful tools to negotiate, collaborate and trade with your Suppliers like the ones you can see below:

  • E-Tenders will allow you to manage sophisticated negotiation scenarios, like Reverse Auctions, that will make your suppliers compete between each other in order to improve your buy prices.
  • Chatter Groups will allow you to share discussions with your Suppliers.
  • Catalogs will allow you to select the items of your suppliers that you are more interested in buying and establish a price for each of them.
  • Contract Management will allow you to record all the data, files and conversations related with your contracts.
  • Discount Rules will allow you to setup sophisticated discounts that takes into consideration multiple variables like; volume, delivery times or dates, packaging, transport capacity,…etc.
  • SCM Rules will allow you to setup specific actions when specific events happens on your supply chain. An example of this is the actions that should be taken when there is a delay on a Estimated Date of Departure (ETD).
  • Shipment Planification will allow you to plan your deliveries taking into account demand requirements and transport costs.
  • Track & Trace will give you a full vision of the global supply chain events related with your orders.

About Ricardo Medem

Socio fundador y director de Consultor experto en el desarrollo de sistemas on-line integrados de marketing, ventas y logística mediante tecnologías líderes de Cloud Computing. Partner certificado de Salesforce galardonado con la aplicación más inovadora del 2009 en la zona EMEA.
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