Cloud Computing for Freight Forwarding and International Trade

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 “Offering in the subscription license price, all the adaptations a company needs during its life to take its commercial and operations management in an effective way, is the real challenge ”

Gone are the days when companies had to make do with standard ERP or CRM applications to manage their business. Standard applications are only valid for those processes that are common to businesses, and if we are realistic they are very few: accounting, treasury, payroll, warehouse management and little else. For everything else each company has its own process and way of seeing things.

The real challenge is to provide custom applications for each company to those areas that really make their management culture and makes them differentiate from their competition. These areas are principally commercial, production, logistics and procurement. If we take two companies that manufacture the same product and compete in the same market, we will certainly find differences between them in the organization of their commercial area, production operations, logistics and procurement.

Our company has managed to address this challenge with great success thanks to the following:

1) A development cloud computing platform like This platform allows us to develop with a quality and speed without precedent in the software industry. Our E-Business CRM applications are embedded on platform of, so any application developed by us can evolve and adapt with the power that offers

2) An application of E-Business CRM with a very complete repository of objects and functions, which allows us a very quickly adaptation to the specific needs of each client.

cloud computing for freight forwarders and traders.jpg

3) A deep knowledge of applications and components that can be useful to our customers in the marketplace AppExchange.

4) A methodology teamwork with our clients, based on intensive webconference systems to develop their applications using fast cycle specification – implementation – feedback.

About Ricardo Medem

Socio fundador y director de Consultor experto en el desarrollo de sistemas on-line integrados de marketing, ventas y logística mediante tecnologías líderes de Cloud Computing. Partner certificado de Salesforce galardonado con la aplicación más inovadora del 2009 en la zona EMEA.
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